Sample of Corporate I.D. & Event Logos

Requests for logos are a big ask for any designer. They must be vibrant unique and reflective of the brands unique identity. These are just a few that I have created. Left to right, top to bottom:

• Samsung Developer Conference
• Adio Wellness Center
• T-Mobile Arena
• Tillstrom Studios
• National Wine Review
• The Atlanta Food Bank Hunger Walk
• Atlanta Brewing Company
• Clear Sight and Sound – an A/V company
• Jazz Mafia – Band based in San Francisco
• I Ride My Own – Women’s Motorcycle Association
• Piccadilly Puppets
• FastTrak – Automotive Marketing Association
• Eddie’s Attic – Music Venue in Atlanta
• 4 Sho promotions – a music promotional company
• Gunner Live – a “go anywhere in the world”
live-camera-uplink production company

ROLE: Ideation, research branding, design and production